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At Blue Lights Photography we pride ourselves at finding and offering the best quality products for the best prices possible - to give you lasting images to treasure.


Acrylics Canvas Box Frame Framed Float
Polished and glossy with a glass-like appearance these acrylics also ‘float’ off the wall. A Canvas sits in a Frame tray with a small gap to make it look like it is floating within the frame. The Framed Float is a truly unique wall display product to showcase your images. It is a two leveled product which provides a high-impact finish to your images.
30x20 £195.00
20x16 £149.00
16x12 £135.00
21x14 £125.00
30x20 £195.00
20x20 £179.00
20x16 £156.00
16x12 £129.00
20x30 (Overall size) £285.00
20x16 (Overall size) £215.00
16x12 (Overall size) £185.00

Alumimount Frames Photobooks
Alumimount makes your images burst to life with this durable but ultra light product. Please note, size denotes print size and not the overall frame size. All frames are made to order therefore different layouts and sizes are available. Photobooks are a great way to display more of your images for keepsake purposes. The images are printed directly onto the pages which are made from a sturdy material.
30x20 £185.00
20x20 £162.00
20x16 £139.00
16x12 £125.00
21x14 £125.00
30x20 £167.00
20x20 £162.00
20x16 £120.00
16x12 £99.00
12x8 or 10x8 £60.00
9x6 or 8x6 £54.00
7x5 or 6x4 £48.00
10x10 10 Spread £159.00
 8x8 10 Spread £119.00

Covers come personalised with either text or picture and either linen or leather material.
Canvas Folio Trio Folio Box
The Satin finish protects from scuffs and water damage and the canvas image is wrapped around a solid wood block. Our simple, yet stylish, Folio trios are the perfect way to showcase your favourite images. They can be stood on end for display or kept closed. The Folio Box offers a unique way to display and turn your images into a keepsake. Each box can hold upto 10 Images. Each image is mounted onto a ridgid foam backed board. Image size approximately 12 x 8. Boxes are also personalised.
30x20 £175.00
20x20 £149.00
20x16 £110.00
16x16 £99.00
16x12 £99.00
Large £68.00
Medium £60.00
Small £52.00
10 Images £152.00
5 Images £110.00
Prints & Mounted Prints Digital Files Gift Items
Print Prices are priced per print and are available as either loose prints, or mounted prints that give off that final finished look. Great for gifts.

Please Note the size is the size of the print, not the overall size of mounted prints.
Digital Files are supplied on a Branded USB drive and include a print license for personal use.

USB Ultra includes all digital files presented on a personalised USB in a personalised box with each image as a 9x6 Print. Enjoy 40% discount on any additional items purchased.
Gift items can only be purchased after a minimum spend of £150 on additional items, unless your gift total is equal or more than £150.
  Mounted Print Only
10x8 or 12x8 £28.65 £22.95
8x6 or 9x6 £21.55 £17.25
6x4 or 7x5 £17.25 £13.95

USB Ultra + 40% off £425.00
All Digital Files + 40% off £375.00
10 Digital Files + 20% off £225.00
5 Digital Files + 15% off £150.00
6x6 Birch Blocks (3x) £75.00
7x5 Acrylic Block £55.00
6x4 Acrylic Block £48.00
8x6 Birch Block £39.00
8x6 Slate £35.00
Desk Clock £30.00
6x6 Birch Block £29.00
Keyrings (2x) £20.00
Pocket Mirror £20.00
Coasters (4x) £18.50
Magnets (2x) £18.00
Coasters (2x) £11.95

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